[OT]SoCal Linux Expo: Jan 21-24 in Pasadena

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue Jan 5 19:53:17 EST 2016

The SoCal Linux Expo (SCaLE) is one of my favorite annual events, and 
this year it's coming to Pasadena.

For LiveCoders it's a chance to learn more about servers, containers, 
security, and more to enhance the work you do.

For tech enthusiasts of every stripe there are sessions covering 
everything from IoT to building communities.

And for everyone there's a chance to make new friends in an easy-going 
environment focused around sharing free software.


With excellent sponsors like HP, Microsoft, Facebook, O'Reilly Media, 
Ubuntu, MySQL, and many more, the price of admission to this four-day 
event is just $85.

Even better, if you're interested in going drop me an email and I'll 
send you a discount code for 50% off.

And for Ubuntu fans there's a special treat:  for the last few years 
I've been organizing UbuCon at SCaLE, a special full day track at SCaLE 
for all things Ubuntu.  This year we've had tremendous support from 
Ubuntu, and we're premiering UbuCon Summit: two full days with two 
tracks, one for end-users and one for app devs.

If you're interested in attending the UbuCon Summit at SCaLE please 
register here so they can make sure to have enough t-shirts on hand:

Hope to see you there.  Year after year, SCaLE is among the most 
educational and fun events I've attended.

  Richard Gaskin
  Fourth World Systems
  Software Design and Development for the Desktop, Mobile, and the Web
  Ambassador at FourthWorld.com                http://www.FourthWorld.com

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