One Rect For All specificaiton

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Mon Jan 4 18:03:26 EST 2016


Yes. I plan to draft something put it on Google Docs an invite a few others..  it’s pretty mission critical, especially if you are about to hire ($) animators.

I worked late last night using “showAll” and  I think in the end this is the simplest way to go.

Landscape, showAll

— 16 X 9 card size means you have extra “canvas” that will appear on 3X 4 (iPad) top and bottom.
— if you build a tab bar on the bottom and a nav bar at the top, these will appear “inset” when you run that into the simulator for iPad

Interestingly: Colin’s “after thought” of setting the card size to 4 X 3  (iPad) has a very useful caveat:  when you build the tab bar at the bottom and nav bar at the top  and you switch to iPhone 6+  *those two bars still appear and are nicely position at the top and bottom!*

So: work at 16 X 9 (horizontal)  and
i) you see everything that will show on both devices
ii) but have to script the groups you want to stick to the top and bottom.
iii) You have to remember to get the backgrounds and artwork another 20% taller to fill the canvas top and bottom that appears on the 3X 4 tablet (I have to figure the exact amt in ratios and percentages, so that our artists can translate this to any size canvas, drawing pad)


work in 4 X 3 horizontal and

i) now elements positioned flush top and flush bottom will reposition and “stick” there when switching to iPhone 6 + but elements you have on the left and right will “float inside”  the card space on the iPhone  (ie. you woudl have to script those elements to “left=0” or “right= width of this screen.”

ii) you have to make some kind of guides top and bottom to make sure any significant elements are not above or below those guides (otherwise they will not appear on the iPhone)

And, “oddly” it means you are better off working in iPad rect … assuming you don’t have controls that are sticky on the left and right edge.

I have a few stacks built as examples with simple rects showing how it all works… I’ll load those up later somewhere.


On January 4, 2016 at 9:55:26 AM, William Prothero (prothero at<mailto:prothero at>) wrote:

Colin and Brahmanathaswami:
When this discussion topic is finally resolved, it would be wonderful and extremely useful if a summaryof the best practice, with comments on implementation consequences, was posted somewhere. This is an important issue and will save the rest of us who haven’t faced this issue yet, a lot of time.


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