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Thanks a lot for the quick reply! Things are much clearer now. I have some
comments below.

On Fri, Dec 30, 2016 at 12:13 AM, Charles Warwick <
charles at techstrategies.com.au> wrote:

> 2.  For Indy users, SFTP and SMTP can only be performed to/from a variable
> - not directly using a file.
> This means you will also get an error if you use any of the blocking
> functions which directly reference a file when using these protocols.
> For tsNet, these functions are:
> "tsNetGetFileSync", "tsNetUploadFileSync", "tsNetSmtpFileSync"

This above is really unfortunate. We are uploading backups of our large
media assets. We're talking about files here that can weight more than
100mb. We shouldn't need to allocate this amount of space into a variable,
this is not sound. What if we're trying to upload a movie that is 2gb or
3gb? We can't realistically be expected to place such large amount of data
into variables.

This kind of arbitrary limitations of functionally makes it impossible for
us to use the new external in a pleasant way. Inserting huge amounts of
data into variables just to please licensing is not my idea of good memory

I really hope HQ reconsider the above limitation, it makes for some very
bad practices of memory allocation.

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