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I know that (even going back to HC days) sometimes a handler will work when stepping through, but not when it runs. I also believe that oftentimes, once I have indeed stepped through, the handler thereafter works just fine.

 It is almost the opposite of what you are seeing. In my case, it is as if stepping through somehow repairs (resets?, regroups?) the handler. But in yours it seems the command is not even registered at all.

This is likely of no help to you at all.


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I am having an issue I have seen crop up in the past and I just assumed I had something wrong in a repeat loop. I have an Ask Password Clear inside a repeat loop. Every now and again, it does NOT ask, and once this begins to happen, it won't ask again. The trouble is I cannot exit from the repeat loop until the user cancels (which never happens because the dialog never displays) or the password matches the stored password (which never happens for the same reason). 

To make sure I was not out of my mind, (always a possibility) I stepped through the code. Sure enough the ask password command just steps over without executing. Keep in mind it works most of the time. I cannot even begin to come up with a recipe to reproduce it. 

Anyone else seeing this? Anyone have a custom ask password dialog? I really do not want to create one myself, but I will if I have to. 

Bob S

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