How to quit an Android app

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Thu Dec 22 17:43:03 EST 2016

Point taken. However, being an IT person and having to work with customers to resolve their issues, I find that regularly, the user will miss some critical piece of information that would take me right to the problem. Not only that, I have found that more times than I would like to admit, the customer has already concluded what they think the problem is, and want to redirect my efforts to just that one thing, so they spoon feed me just the information necessary to get me to look at the issue in that light. Still others (and I don't claim this is the case with anyone of us but I offer it just for entertainment's sake) I have had users who did something wrong, something I repeatedly told them not to do, something they signed a form saying they would not do, and did anyway, and are anxious that I do not find out what that thing is.

To put it another way, I tell my techs to listen to what the user tells them, but never to believe them. ALWAYS verify. That cannot be done without either remoting into your workstation, or having a copy or sample of wht you are seeing.

Bob S

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IMO, having a *requirement* for a user to create a test stack - EVEN IF THE SIMPLE DESCRIPTION IS CLEAR AND UNAMBIGUOUS - is an unacceptable bureaucratic nonsense.

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