Drag command--does this seem right?

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I don't see it that way. The "mouseMove" message is sent continuously and "me" is always going to be the card, since that is where the handler lives. Try moving the handler to the stack script. You will need to modify it a little:

on mouseMove
  put ""
  wait 1
  put me
  --if the target <> me then
     if the optionkey is down then grab the target
  --end if
end mouseMove

because the "target" is not really applicable from there. but "me" still is.

That wasn’t actually my question. I probably didn’t say it clearly enough.

The question is this:

Why would the mouseMove handler act exactly like the mouseDown handler? That is, nothing happens with the “grabbed” object until the mouse is clicked down. You expect that in the mouseDown handler, obviously, but not in the mouseMove handler, which gets sent each time the mouse moves at least one pixel, regardless of whether the mouse is up or down.


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