[ ANN ] Release 9.0.0 DP-4

panagiotis merakos panos.merakos at livecode.com
Tue Dec 20 12:28:35 EST 2016

Dear list members,

We are pleased to announce the release of LiveCode 9.0.0 DP-4.

Developer Preview Release
Warning: this is not a stable release.  Please ensure that you back up your
stacks before testing them.

Getting the Release
You can get the release at https://downloads.livecode.com/livecode/ or via
the automatic updater.

Release Contents
LiveCode 9.0.0 DP-4 contains exciting new features, bug fixes, stability
and security improvements.

In total, 26 bugs have been fixed since the last development preview
release (LiveCode 9.0.0 DP-3).

Moreover, 50 additional bugs that have been fixed for 8.1.3 RC-1 (which is
not released yet), are included in LiveCode 9.0.0 DP-4.

LiveCode 9.0.0 DP-4 contains, among others, the following new features:

- SHIFT + TAB now reformats entire script
- Add ability to create behaviors from script only stacks in Behavior pane
of PI
- Allow limiting the input length of an iOS field
- Change size restriction on cloning/pasting graphics
- Show Parent Behaviors in Project Browser
- Allow loading/unloading of multi-module LCB extensions

We also had several contributions from the Community:

Devin Asay
Trevor DeVore

Thank you all :)

The full release notes are available from:


Please report any bugs encountered on our BugZilla at

We have a forum available for discussing LiveCode Builder at

Have fun!

The LiveCode Team

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