marker points and curves confusion

David V Glasgow dvglasgow at
Thu Dec 15 06:31:06 EST 2016

In the dictionary it states “Curve and irregular polygon graphics can be drawn with a marker at each vertex"

I have set the markerdrawn property to true, and markerPoints to  a listOfVertexes (copied from user manual).

The  curve is formed of the oval with a startangle of 180 and an arcangle of 90 ( so it is the bottom left quarter of a circle).

I had hoped for markers at the ends of the lines, but I have nothing.  I know they are technically not vertices, but I can’t think what else would be on a curve.. What should I see?  

Oh wait.  Unless a curve is not a section of a oval, but a freehand curve transformation of a polygon….

But if I change a polygon into a freehand curve, the marker points disappear.  Wah.

OK sorry for the stream of consciousness stuff.  The questions:

A/ Can I place shapes at the ends of an arc of a circle?

B/ Can I match a  polygon ‘curve' to any defined arc, effectively  achieving the same by a workaround? 

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