[OT] unhosing .rev and .livecode files

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Sun Dec 4 13:44:55 EST 2016

Thanks, one-and-all, for the kind and informative messages about backing 
up and so forth.

I have retrieved as much as I am likely to from my zonked Linux box, and 
am now putting the
thing back together.

HOWEVER, before that:

1. Retrieved from one of my hard drives was a "rather intriguing" set of 
extremely foul, hard-core
porn images which I most definitely did not download onto that drive.

Looking through a load of old receipts I discovered that I had bought 
that hard-drive second-hand.

2. So, at the cost of losing 2 more days time, I am doing a seven-fold 
deletion thing offered by
Macintosh's Disk Tools as have no very great desire to find that set of 
images popping up again.

3. I also noticed all sorts of advert images which, I, similarly did not 
download onto my hard drives;
so can only conclude that whatever webpages one visits, those webpages 
dump their images onto your
hard drive in some sort of cache that is not purged properly subsequently.

4. I have invested in a 4 TB external hard-drive as well as a further 
three 2 TB external hard-drives
so that I cans et up some sort of rotating system as Richard Gaskin 

5. I am using a 1 TB partiion on one of the 2 TB hard drives as a 
Time-Machine disk for my newly acquired
2006 Intel Mac.

As I was completely unable to retrieve the log files from my hosed 
system I have no way of knowing
what zonked my Linux system. What I do know is as follows:

A. The computer (DELL Optiplex 754) works perfectly alright, having had 
it up and running doing
forensic stuff on a variety of Live Disks (Xubuntu 16.04, GParted, Hiren's).

B. The night before it "died" I was accessing an external disk that was 
freezing up the machine, and
I wonder if the "culprit" was something on that disk.


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