Clone graphic does not respect dimensions

BNig bernd.niggemann at
Fri Dec 2 06:02:53 EST 2016

Richard Gaskin wrote
> Michael Julian Lew wrote:
>  > Richard Gaskin wrote:
>  >> BNig wrote:
>  >>> that is determined somewhat arbitrarily by the
>  >>> revBackScriptLibrary in handler
>  >>>
>  >>> on newGraphic
>  >>> if the width of the target < 9 and the height of the target < 9 then
>  >>>   .... use default values
>  >>>
>  >> Would that be a user experience bug?
>  >>
>  >> I can see the benefit of minimizing occurrences of objects that are
>  >> *prohibitively* small to work with, but am less enthused about
>  >> constraining options for the user at the much lower threshold of mere
>  >> possible inconvenience.
>  >>
>  >> I'd opt for a 4px threshold.
>  >
>  > Seems to me that if the current restriction on the result of “clone”
>  > is intended to prevent possible problems when tools palette is being
>  > used then a very bad design decision was made. A solution should not
>  > affect what happens when the user clones an abject that is already in
>  > the stack.
>  >
>  > The script function “clone” should clone the object _exactly_ when
>  > used by itself, but could be used in conjunction with size-dectecting
>  > code for the palette.
> In principle I agree.  The challenge is that we don't have a separate 
> message for clone as distinct from other ways to create a new graphic.
> If it were up to me, I'd say let the user do whatever they want.  If 
> they want to make a control too small to be used, who am I to stop them?
> But as Jeanne suggested, it may be that the IDE is trying to be helpful 
> in cases of accidental resizing too small.
> Personally, I'd favor simplifying the extra work the IDE is doing and 
> just leave the user alone.
> If there must be a threshold, at least make it smaller than it is now.
> -- 
>   Richard Gaskin

It seems the consensus is to lower the threshold when graphics are changed
to default sizes. I will do an enhancement request next week and propose
that the currrent threshold of 8 by 8 and lower will be reduced to 5 by 5
and lower. That should cover most clone requests and still prevents most
accidental clicks. The double-click delta default is 4 in case someone
double-clicks right away.

If Edinburgh agrees I will do a pull-request.

Kind regards

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