LC suddenly sending using library stack for script editor field calls

Dr. Hawkins dochawk at
Thu Dec 1 14:12:07 EST 2016

On Tue, Nov 29, 2016 at 2:25 PM, Monte Goulding <monte at> wrote:

> The IDE and your stack are running in the same engine so if you add a
> handler for a message sent to an IDE stack but unhandled or passed to a
> library or backScript then it will get it. Having said that I think the IDE
> should probably have an event trapper backScript we apply to all the stacks
> so that they don’t pass through to user stacks lower in the message path so
> please open a report about this.

I'll file that, but it just got odder

When the development environment is detected, a couple of scripts fire to
make sure that I don't overwrite yesterday's work, and open a few scripts
to edit.

All of my regular stacks (i.e., the ones that will ship, not my dev tools)
share a behavior (src_mcp).

I deleted my live code prefs before starting this morning for good measure.

After everything settles, I search for the routine I want (ckVersDat) from
the find control below the script.

When I then click into the script window, the closeField handler from
src_mcp fires.

src_mcp is *not* set as a library stack although it is prolific.
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