Standalone stops running

Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at
Wed Aug 31 19:27:22 EDT 2016

Again I cite a basic principle in file naming: No special characters, no spaces. I know that for many languages an umlat is not considered a special character, but a computer doesn't know anything about that. Now maybe it works and you don't have a problem. Might work for years, and then you do something different with the file and it doesn't.

So I always use a-z, A_Z, 0-9 _ and - and NOTHING ELSE. I don't even like using spaces if I can help it.

Bob S

On Aug 31, 2016, at 09:45 , Klaus major-k <klaus at<mailto:klaus at>> wrote:

looks like it is as bad as I was afraid of when I read the filename:
the Ü umlaut is the culprit

Wasn't there something like "Unicode, it just works"? 8-)

This app runs fine:
../PK-Beitragsuebersicht 2.0/PK-Beitragsuebersicht

These don't:
../PK-Beitragsübersicht 2.0/PK-Beitragsuebersicht
../PK-Beitragsuebersicht 2.0/PK-Beitragsübersicht

Is the OS X Umlaut bug back?

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