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Wed Aug 31 12:45:27 EDT 2016

Hallo Richard,

> Am 31.08.2016 um 18:11 schrieb Hillen Richard <mail at>:
> Hello,
> in the beginning of this year I wrote on OS X 10.6. with Livecode 8.0.1 a splash stack (stack main and substack Data), which runs fine in the delveloper environment and as standalone.
> In the last week I changed a litte bit in the Data substack, using OS X 10.6.11, Livecode 8.0.2 again. It runs fine in the development environment.
> I made again an standalone of it, the App starts, shows the splash window and then stops, throws an Error:
> Executing at 5:52:18 PM on Wednesday, August 31, 2016
> Type: Handler: error in statement
> Object: stack "/Users/hillen/Desktop/kompilieren/PK-Beitragsu?bersicht 2.0/PK-Beitragsu?bersicht 2.0"
> Line: open stack "Data"
> Line Num: 8
> Hint: openstack
> In Main there is this simple script :
> on openstack
>  show stack "main"
>  wait 2 seconds
>  open stack "Data"  
>  hide stack "main"  
> end openstack
> I also tried to compile the changed stack with 8.0.1; It throws the same error.
> Now I am helpless; what should I try further on?
> If anyone wants to look at the stack, you will get it here:
> May you help?

looks like it is as bad as I was afraid of when I read the filename: 
the Ü umlaut is the culprit

Wasn't there something like "Unicode, it just works"? 8-)

This app runs fine: 
../PK-Beitragsuebersicht 2.0/PK-Beitragsuebersicht

These don't:
../PK-Beitragsübersicht 2.0/PK-Beitragsuebersicht
../PK-Beitragsuebersicht 2.0/PK-Beitragsübersicht

Is the OS X Umlaut bug back?

> Thank you. Richard.



Klaus Major
klaus at

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