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Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 08:12:42 EDT 2016

On 31.08.2016 12:46, Lagi Pittas wrote:
> Richard
> You totally missed my point.
> First off if the website is taking 24 hours of the developers time then
> there is a problem. I went on the main site and there was a link to the
> documentation yesterday - and guess what page not found - it happens all
> the time, I given up even bothering to look at the link and just re-google.
> But more important is the fact that we all have "day jobs" as in I'm self
> employed but I still scan the web for interesting stuff to do with livecode
> or fox or PDF or Pytghon or whatever.
> I would suggest that instead of looking at dancing cats - i'm being
> facetious here - just take a little time out to do what Richmond and others
> did.

I'm off to have an icon painted of myself as I'm obviously approaching 

Seriously . . . .

Every week night my wife and her Mum (rising 92) watch a daft Turkish 
soap opera; because my Mum-in-law loves it, and because although my wife 
doesn't like it, her Mum doesn't want to watch it alone because she 
takes all of it literally and needs my wife to hold her hand whenever 
some gets shot, ends up in prison, in hospital or (like WINE) 
self-referentially in a Turkish soap opera (go figure). That's about an 
hour and 3 quarters . . .

Not wish to cast aspersions on Turkish soap operas, however, as an 
intellectual snob I'd far rather
do something else. So I am, from 8 to 10 local time, in front of the 
bloody Linux box (and it does get bloody at times), normally waiting for 
stroppy teenagers to send me essays so I can trash them and send them 
back for rewrites . . .

And, while I'm waiting, I can do a bit of "what Richmond and others did"

Nothing saintly in it at all . . . just something better than "that 
stupid card game".

One of the things a lot of people seem to overlook is the time they 
waste "in the gaps" between
all the other things they do . . . this is why the children I teach 
always seem surprised that I suggest
they should all have a copy of the Longman Advanced Learner's Dictionary 
on a shelf next to the toilet!

The whole problem is a problem of attitude . . .

There are 3 gypsy women who are meant to clean our street, but, until 
recently were doing nothing
of the sort . . . So I had a completely "taboo" idea (in Bulgaria 
Bulgarians are ravingly racist about
gypsies) and went downstairs (we live on the top floor of our block) 
with 4 cups of coffee and 3 cigarettes (I don't smoke cigarettes), and 
sat and had coffee with these ladies for 15 minutes - this has
developed into a very healthy (well, barring the cigerattes) weekly 
event: and, guess what, our street
is now cleaned very well indeed. What does this cost me: next to nothing 
. . . mind you I've now got one of their kids coming to English classes 
at my school for nothing . . .

> Yes Time is what we cannot get back but we actually all waste some time on
> frivolities - like trying to justify the unjustifiable.

"frivolitles"; what a magical sounding word, makes me thing of things 
like "Victoria's Secret" (for those of you who haven't heard of this 
place, it is where I *don't* buy my thongs: 
https://www.victoriassecret.com/), the "Body Shop", and so on.

Indeed . . . we all waste so much time, for one reason or another.

> Here's a suggestion why don't RR hire one of these virtual assistants that
> cost maybe $400 or $500 a month (it's not peanuts when a house costs less
> than $15000 in the Philipines - so we are not using slave labour) and give
> him the task of spreading the word full time 50 of us paying $10 a month
> would do that and we save time arguing what should be done - Im sure these
> last 2 postings have cost both of us more than $10 in time.
> I totally agree with you on your main point that we can all get more money
> but we can never get back our time - $500 a month to get the word out, when
> RR is "in the best financial position in this decade", come on now
> something doesn't add up - I would suggest no thinking outside the box in
> marketing. Nothing need be put further back in the queue.
> Lagi
> On 30 August 2016 at 23:52, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at fourthworld.com>
> wrote:
>> Iphonelagi wrote:
>>> Why do we say RR has to spend more on marketing?
>>> They have a marketing person and somebody looking after the website
>>> Seems like they are doing the minimum at work and that's it.
>>> Am I being harsh or just stating the obvious it doesn't cost any
>>> extra money to do what Richmond did and search these sites out.
>>> <holding breath>
>> Nothing is free.  Everything costs at least time, the most precious
>> resource any of us have.
Yup: that's a fact: so why do we waste so much of it?
>> Which features in queue would you like to see them set aside to hunt down
>> thousands of random web sites to add their product name to lists?
>> Which of those sites have an Alexa ranking higher than livecode.com?
>> --
>>   Richard Gaskin

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