LC performance change from Win 7 to Win 10

tbodine bodine at
Tue Aug 30 18:35:24 EDT 2016

Hi All.

Has anyone else experienced a severe drop in LiveCode's speed in Windows 10
compared to Windows 7? 

I recently upgraded to Win10 on my PC workstation. When I use LC 7.1.1 (my
mainstay version on this machine for a long time now), it's like it is stuck
in a bog. Specifically:
* A standalone build that used to take under 2 minutes now takes more than
10 minutes. (It appears the "Removing development properties..." part of the
job is the main slowdown, consuming 8 minutes.)
* When my code calls uses the Answer cmd, the title "Answer Dlog" appears in
the window for about 1 second before the my actual text is displayed in the
answer window.
* The script editor's responsiveness is awful. Keystrokes don't buffer.
Arrow key actions can result in undesired repetitions. 

Anyone else experiencing this? Suggestions? Under Win10, all the
productivity benefits of using LC have vanished!

Tom Bodine

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