Missing a chance

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Tue Aug 30 02:51:42 EDT 2016

On 30.08.2016 03:53, Dr. Hawkins wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 29, 2016 at 10:17 AM, Bob Sneidar <bobsneidar at iotecdigital.com>
> wrote:
>> If you can think without think, then you sir, are a better man than I. ;-)
> Also, I can read with both eyes shut.
> (hmm, probably means nothing to non US folks.  It's a very late Dr. Seuss
> book).

It must be one of the few Dr Seuss books that didn't make it "across the 
pond" as I was brought
up on Dr Seuss books even though I wasn't a child in the USA.

I would be glad of the reference so I can have a chance to catch up.


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