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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Aug 28 12:45:08 EDT 2016

jbv  wrote:

 > I'm using the "ask" command, but when using the path returned in the
 > it variable in
 >    put URL "" into URL it
 > I always get "invalid url" for the content of it, no matter what it
 > is.
 > I'm using LC 6.5.2 on Mac, and I have checked the permissions of the
 > folders in which I try to save the archive.
 > What am I missing ?

A protocol specifier.  URLs can handle HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, file, or 
binfile, but yours has none.

What you have is a URL like:


...and what you want is:


To remedy:

   put URL "" into \
    URL ("binfille:" & it )

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