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Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at iotecdigital.com
Fri Aug 26 19:23:57 EDT 2016

As I have mentioned before in such threads, large companies need to consider a number of factors when working with custom software solutions, not the least of which is being able to find another developer who can code in the same environment as the one who drove off a bridge, or got hit by a meteor. The LC developer base is nowhere near being able to provide that security, and IMHO will never be. It has nothing to do with what is the better tool. "Better" is a relative term, and a tool for what is the question begged.

Can you write a stable, robust business application in Livecode? Absolutely! How many of us can do that? Some small percentage of us I think. How many of us have the time to devote to doing that? Some smaller percentage methinks.

I think that like Apple, the worst thing RunRev can do is try to be something they are not, or will never be perceived as being. Livecode is not a competing product to Objective C or C++. It's a different animal altogether. It's a Rapid Application Development Environment, and the final compiled product is decidedly NOT what a typical binary executable is. Not does it need to be.

There are no hobbyist C++ developers (who produce useful applications/utilities that is). You are all in, or else you are wasting time and resources to even get started. Livecode however can be taken up by nearly anyone capable of piecing together UI objects, and making them do what they want.

In summary, LC is an application constructor set. Lots of big prefab pieces that can be glommed together for a given task. C++ and other variants are like a building supply warehouse complete with all the tools you would ever need to build almost anything.


Bob S

On Aug 26, 2016, at 08:01 , Heriberto Torrado González <htorrado at networkdreams.es<mailto:htorrado at networkdreams.es>> wrote:

My customers doesn't want to know my development tools (livecode), they want solutions to their problems.

But on the "big market"...People are looking for java, python, objetive-C, PHP, and .net projects...They know nothing about livecode.

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