Looking for Datagrid table printing code...

Paul Dupuis paul at researchware.com
Fri Aug 26 15:28:01 EDT 2016

I have a data grid that is a table of data many columns wide by many
rows high.

I have a generalized printing stack that fetches all the printer
properties and prepares a card the size and orientation of the selected
paper in the printer and page setups. It provides a rectangle
(tPageRect) that is the area available to the contents of the page
(after paper margins, etc.)

Does anyone have some code that looks at the column widths (and
visibility) and row height and all the other geometry of a datagrid to
determine dgHScroll and dgVScroll values as well as resizing the rect of
the datagrid for each "page" to print with an whole number of columns
and rows for each printed page?

If you have such code, would you be willing to share it (or even sell it
for small money - I can't afford much)?

The basics are not to hard, but fussing with border widths and the
widths of row and column lines and other "fudge factors" to make it
pixel-perfect is the icing on the cake I am looking for (if someone has
done it).

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