unicode? troubles

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto revolution at jaedworks.com
Fri Aug 26 12:11:01 EDT 2016

Have you set the itemDelimiter to tab, or is it the default comma?

Can you post your code, along with the contents of the field before and after?

At 10:16 AM +0200 8/26/2016, runrevlist at cc-mail.nl wrote:
>Hi all,
>I have a strange problem which I can't seem to solve.
>I put some tab delimited text in a field, each line is like openCard 
>tab behaviour_1092_3 tab.
>Now I want to put 9 into item 5 of line 1 of this field.
>In all versions before 7 this works well.
>Unfortunately starting with version 7 and above things get weird and 
>that's why I suspect a unicode issue
>Instead of the 9 being put in item 5 of line 1, it gets put in item 
>2 of line 2.
>after putting 9 into item 5 of line 1 I get the following:
>put the number of items of line 1   -  2
>put the number of items of line 2  -   4
>put item 1 of line 2                        - tab
>put item 2 of line 2                        - 9
>I find this very weird. How did the 9 end up in item 2 of line 1 
>when I explicitly put it into item 5 of line 1.
>What has changed. The same stack with the same code works great pre 7.
>I hope someone has an idea as I am stupefied.
>       Claudi
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