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Peter M. Brigham pmbrig at gmail.com
Fri Aug 26 09:43:04 EDT 2016

On Aug 23, 2016, at 6:49 AM, Richmond wrote:

> My real book (The Complete . . . ) has labelled bookmarks going back to when I was gifted that book in 1999 at the UAE University in Al Ain, UAE, when they, overnight, trashed all their Mac computers and replaced them with IBM compats running Windows Me, and I had to get to grips with Toolbook, and remake lots and lots of HC stack as TB programs.
> These bookmarks are useful as they stop me having to spend donkey's ages trawling again.
> This would not really be possible with a pdf document.

It should be possible without too much sweat and tears to pull the HTML version into LC, parse the text, and put it into a searchable and bookmarkable stack.

-- Peter

Peter M. Brigham
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