Performance issues LC8 versus earlier versions.

Alex Tweedly alex at
Thu Aug 25 03:49:06 EDT 2016

On 25/08/2016 04:23, Monte Goulding wrote:
> Hi Alex
> To avoid breaking the behavior of octal to decimal number comparison if they both happen to be in a binary string at the time of comparison I didn’t think it was a good plan to leave that binary comparison check above the number check… however, I think I’ve come up with a better solution anyway. When converting binary strings to numbers the engine first encodes it as native encoded string then parses the bytes to work out if they are a valid number. What I’ve done is first check if the binary data is longer than can be converted to a number and then stop trying to convert it to a number there. It is about 10 times faster for your use case as far as I can tell. Unfortunately it won’t make 8.1.0.
That is wonderful - thanks Monte.
btw - I opened a bug report to keep track of it, and so you'd have 
somewhere to hang the change on to - 18254

Thanks again

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