open stack

Matt Maier blueback09 at
Wed Aug 24 04:03:51 EDT 2016

What's up with this not working?

This is a really simple tutorial that I followed, but I get an error at the
"open stack" statement.

I tried replacing it with this, but even though it doesn't error it also
doesn't open the "Main Application" stack.

if there is a stack tFileName then open stack tFileName

I tried replacing it with this, and the try statement does trigger the
catch, but there's nothing in the error variable.

put "Main Application.livecode" into tFileName
      open stack tFileName
   catch tError
      answer tError
   end try

The go command doesn't work either.

Both stacks are in the same folder.

The open command isn't even in the dictionary, although it is in the online

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