Browser Widget vs the "old" RevBrowser

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Wed Aug 24 00:55:54 EDT 2016

We've had a major obstacle with the use of the browser widget confirmed and fixed.. and "awaiting release" it has to do with the browser widget not being "destroyed" when no longer in view if you open a second stack in mobile, the browser widget is still there in the pixel space above the whole stack (even though you can't see it) and is trapping all tap/touch events…


for details.

it would be ideal to know when the "release" will be, but I guess that is classified.

In the meantime it puts one on the fence… for development going forward, use the widget or revert to the old "revBrowser"? The has, at least on the surface of it, a much more robust API for controlling the web UX than the widget… (I'm probably wrong there.. but just looking at the dictionary commands for either one, that's the feeling one gets)

So the questions are:
1) what are the differences between the browser Widget and the old RevBrowser…
2) why would you choose one over the other?
3) Does the widget simply use an LBC wrapper for the same web it that the "old" revBrowser uses?


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