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Tue Aug 23 19:13:30 EDT 2016

> I haven't used Moodle myself so I have no opinion about it.  
> But it seems very popular.
> For comparison,'s Alexa ranking is very healthy 
> at 139,248, but Moodle astounds with a ranking of 9,085.
> They must be doing something right.  What might we learn from 
> their successes to make LiveCode as easy a choice for educators?

Moodle is an open source replacement for very expensive courseware solutions
like Blackboard. Both of them occupy the education market as education

In working with other education products, I found that products fall into
two camps:

- an education product that happens to be delivered using innovative

- innovative technology that is tailored to the education market

The most successful products in the education market seem to be ones made by
companies that go 'all in' to education, unless there is overwhelming
dominance (often supported by a vendor that can afford to give away their
education versions, like Autodesk).

Id say at one point, HyperStudio was finely honed for the K-12 market, but I
don't think it was ever really marketed strongly enough into that market.
Much like corporate sales, selling to K-12 or to higher education you have
to sell in the way that makes it easiest for them to buy. And to make them
want to buy, you have to be at the events they attend.

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