Markdown in 8.1dp2 Mac app builds

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Aug 23 15:18:31 EDT 2016

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami wrote:

 > Jerry wrote:
 >     Also, dp2 may be too unstable for me to be productive.
 > FWIW: dp2 had me deep in despair (couldn't get anything done)… been
 > working in dp3 for two weeks. it is a whole different experience…
 > even the project browser now works.

I think I'm missing some messages from the archives, as I was unable to 
find the original post in this thread.

Where is markdown supported within LiveCode, and how is it impacting 
your work?

On the PB, what's the bug #?  I've seen some work on that recently, but 
can't recall the number offhand.

And why Developer Preview 2 when DP3's been out since last month?  Lot's 
of changes between those two; most issues I'd reported had been addressed.

I've been having pretty good luck with the DP 3 build of 8.1 thus far, 
but I do like to stay apprised of issues that may affect my work so I 
can help triage them if they pop up, hopefully ironing out any remaining 
ones to get to an RC soon (I'm really looking forward to deploying with 
8.1 - lots of nice goodies in this one).

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