Targetting teachers

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Tue Aug 23 06:25:34 EDT 2016

Looking for something else I stumbled on this:

"Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) is, quite simply, an instance in 
which instructional content activities are delivered via a computer. 
Many commercially-available software programs, although excellent 
programs, may not be acceptable for each individual teacher's classroom. 
One way to insure that software is not only acceptable but also targets 
a teacher's class in a specific way, is for instructors to design their 
own software. The HyperCard authoring system is a computer program that 
enables teachers, even those with minimal programming ability, to easily 
design their own hypermedia software programs for use in individualized 
situations. Teachers now have an easy method to teach, drill, remediate, 
or even test individual classes or students by designing software that 
targets these classes or individuals. This paper discusses setting up to 
design or create a software program; designing the software; adding 
buttons, fields and graphics to the stack/program; and scripting in 
HyperCard. (Author/AEF)"

Now all that needs to be done is substitute 'Livecode' for 'Hypercard', 
so I would really like to know:

1. Why that is not being pushed in a major way (articles in teaching 

2. There seems to be almost zero support from educational establishments 
for teachers to take the time to get up to speed with this and develop 
in-house stuff for subject delivery and reinforcement.

Mind you, I have never come across the word "remediate" in my life.


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