Back to the Garden of Eden

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Tue Aug 23 05:37:20 EDT 2016

I, finally, got my copy of 'The Complete Hypercard 2.2 Handbook' by 
Danny Goodman from the attic of my house in Scotland . . . involving, 
amongst other things, having to stay in a bed-&-breakfast because there 
are tenants in my house.

Feels very good indeed to have my hands on it.

Mind you not as good as to be able to settle down to some BASIC 4 with 
my BBC Master Compact.

So, I am, vaguely, working towards a possible book with something to do 
with Livecode . . .

I have started by reading the Goodman book properly (for the first time, 
rather than dipping in and out).

The blurb on the cover has 'A masterpiece of a book', and apart from the 
fact that when anything is described as a "masterpiece" one knows the 
reviewer hasn't read it critically, as-of-now it seems tediously 
complete, but that is mainly because it is probably reasonable to assume 
that people who want to do the sort of things Goodman's book was aimed 
at in 1993 know an awful lot of things about using computers that people 
in 1993, on the whole, did not.

Quite a few of the chapters in the book now seem fairly redundant:

Home Stack Author Utilities

Introduction to External Resources

and so on.

But there is a lot of stuff that is "Old but Gold", but does need a fair 
bit of checking with Livecode as it is now.

At the risk of appearing slow moving I shall cross-check things against 
both LC 7.1.4 and

LC 8.1.0.

I intend to release "chapters" as PDF documents for FREE (but 
copyrighted to myself) as I get round to them. Whether they will ever be 
assembled into a complete book has yet to be seen.

Obviously this means that I will be even more of a "pain-in-the-bum" 
than usual floating questions on this Use-List: I hope that you will 
bear with me, and make helpful remarks.


So: to work:

on page 779 Goodman writes about SANE: the Standard Apple Numerics 

As Livecode is cross-platform is that relevant at all?

All the functions that Goodman describes as SANE functions seem to be 
present in Livecode.


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