Performance issues LC8 versus earlier versions.

Ali Lloyd ali.lloyd at
Mon Aug 22 17:40:57 EDT 2016

> I would not have thought that caseSensitive should matter, since these
> are bytes not characters - or is that being naive of me ?

This is correct.

> Would caseSensitive make it faster ?

No, provided the internal representation remains binary, which will be true
provided you are using binfile, the byte chunk and the number of bytes and
so on - as it seems you are.

Is the speed difference still there without the `add 1 to temp` line?

On Mon, Aug 22, 2016 at 3:47 PM Richard Gaskin <ambassador at>

> Alex Tweedly wrote:
>  > Would caseSensitive make it faster ?
> In theory yes, since it avoids having to run the internal equivalent of
> toLower on each thing being compared.
> However in some recent experiments involving pattern matching on text I
> was unable to measure a difference.  That shouldn't be taken as
> definitive; there are a lot of distracting things going on in the
> routine I was testing with.  I haven't yet done a good isolated test of
> caseSensitive.
>  > Re md5 for repeated use - yes, it probably is worth doing.
> The rsync algo offers an md5 option, but by default it compares files
> based only on mod date and size.  The thinking is that if both of those
> match, the odds of having a changed file are very low.
> Perhaps an optimal algo in your system would reserve md5 for those cases
> where size and mod date match, which will eliminate most cases with less
> CPU time.
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