Performance issues LC8 versus earlier versions.

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Aug 22 10:47:52 EDT 2016

Alex Tweedly wrote:

 > Would caseSensitive make it faster ?

In theory yes, since it avoids having to run the internal equivalent of 
toLower on each thing being compared.

However in some recent experiments involving pattern matching on text I 
was unable to measure a difference.  That shouldn't be taken as 
definitive; there are a lot of distracting things going on in the 
routine I was testing with.  I haven't yet done a good isolated test of 

 > Re md5 for repeated use - yes, it probably is worth doing.

The rsync algo offers an md5 option, but by default it compares files 
based only on mod date and size.  The thinking is that if both of those 
match, the odds of having a changed file are very low.

Perhaps an optimal algo in your system would reserve md5 for those cases 
where size and mod date match, which will eliminate most cases with less 
CPU time.

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