Backwards compatibility or sanity? help

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Sun Aug 21 10:26:31 EDT 2016

probably it's about time that you give at RTL-lesson/blog/tutorial?
Would be very appreciated.

> Ali wrote:
> the number of items in 'ab' is not an invariant of its read order,
> unless you reverse the characters in the delimiter too.
> When the item delimiter is 'aa', the items of 'baaa' are completely
> different. What happens when the item delimiter has combining
> characters and we're matching the precombined version?

Not reversing the LTR-delimiter to a RTL-delimiter changes the delimiter:
Isn't it planned to introduce RTL-multichar-delimiters to solve this?

> For a more simple example of the issues here, what are the backward
> and forward words of
> "String without closing quote

RTL and LTR (should) have exactly the same words/truewords (seen as a counted
set) and the same number of words/truewords. Right?

Anyway, this is not my point, because words/truewords cannot be empty
(except as the non-existent ones 'out-of-bounds') contrary to items or lines.

My point is, that a _trailing_ LTR delimiter 'item' or 'line' that is ignored
becomes a _leading_ RTL delimiter (delimiter also RTL), for the same string.

Thus the number of items or lines increases by one, because the LTR ignored empty
'item' or 'line' becomes a RTL not-ignored empty 'item' or 'line' respectively.
And the result of "empty is among the items of" (should be an order-independent
"element-of-check") may switch from LTR-false to RTL-true, for the same string,
and for the same one-char-delimiter (or also reversed multichar-delimiter).

Salut, Hermann

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