Backwards compatibility or sanity? help

hh hh at
Sun Aug 21 05:39:32 EDT 2016

> Monte wrote:
> Hmm... I've got to say I'm a little on the ignorant
> side of things with regard to RTL text in LiveCode but
> my understanding is it's only a field thing and any
> chunk references are always LTR. Happy to be educated
> though!

Sorry Monte,
I thought (erroneously?) that right-to-left chunk references
are in the to-do-but-not-yet-implemented-chest of LC 8.

Anyway, the following example

empty is among the items of empty --> returns false
item 1 of empty is empty --> returns true

shows, that one could think about
== adding a new "correct/consistent" definition of item, e.g.
   "trueItem", that is free of all these contradictions
   generating trailing delimiter and 'index is out of bounds'
== and about making the (sometimes) "wrong/inconsistent" 
   item-behaviour always downward compatible.

Ciao, Hermann

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