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Fri Aug 19 05:00:33 EDT 2016

If you have or could make a sample stack that demonstrates this slowdown,
it would be useful for us to have a look at.

On Fri, Aug 19, 2016 at 12:23 AM Peter Bogdanoff <bogdanoff at> wrote:

> >> Livecode’s find command in LC8 is really, REALLY slow when you're doing
> multiple (thousands) of finds.
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> >
> I am doing a find char, finding a single character, and putting a space
> before or after it. It’s a continuous script to find possibly 3 to 4
> thousand occurrences of about 6 different characters (that is total finds),
> looking for upper ASCII diacriticals.
> In LC 6.1.3 this took under a minute. In LC 8 it takes 69 minutes.
On Fri, Aug 19, 2016 at 8:22 AM James Hale <james at> wrote:

>  Richard asked
> > Maybe the simplest solution for somewhat large collections would be the
> > free-text indexing built into SQLite. Anyone here know if we have a
> > means of using that from within LC?
> Yes and no.
> The Full text search extension to SQLite is indeed in the current
> compilation and is really very good. Index creation doesn't take much time
> and the actual searching very very fast.
> Unfortunately there was mention of Chinese.
> While SQLite itself is Unicode compliant the FTS4 module isn't unless the
> binary is compiled with the Unicode library. It isn't. This is not on the
> immediate horizon. The way things currently are, it would entail adding, in
> effect a second Unicode library. There was some discussion on the
> possibility of exposing the already included Unicode library (so as to make
> it available to SQLite) but this is not at all a priority.
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