Searching text external to Livecode

James Hale james at
Fri Aug 19 03:22:41 EDT 2016

 Richard asked
> Maybe the simplest solution for somewhat large collections would be the 
> free-text indexing built into SQLite. Anyone here know if we have a 
> means of using that from within LC?

Yes and no.
The Full text search extension to SQLite is indeed in the current compilation and is really very good. Index creation doesn't take much time and the actual searching very very fast. 
Unfortunately there was mention of Chinese.
While SQLite itself is Unicode compliant the FTS4 module isn't unless the binary is compiled with the Unicode library. It isn't. This is not on the immediate horizon. The way things currently are, it would entail adding, in effect a second Unicode library. There was some discussion on the possibility of exposing the already included Unicode library (so as to make it available to SQLite) but this is not at all a priority.

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