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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Aug 18 14:52:34 EDT 2016

Peter Bogdanoff wrote:

 > Does anyone know if there a solution that search indexes folders of
 > HTML files that I can implement into Livecode? And also handles
 > non-English text?

I've written a few specialized search engines and just started another 
one the other day for more general-purpose needs.  The upside is that it 
handles HTML along with some other formats, but the downside is it's 
decidedly English-centric (I use a Porter stemmer, and while I've 
considered using his variants for other Latin-based languages I have no 
such facility for languages like Chinese).

Scott's tool seems pretty nice.  Any chance you could just import your 
data into cards to use that?

By "thousands", just how many thousands?

Maybe the simplest solution for somewhat large collections would be the 
free-text indexing built into SQLite. Anyone here know if we have a 
means of using that from within LC?

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