Does tsNet support https proxies?

Charles Warwick charles at
Wed Aug 17 23:30:06 EDT 2016

Hi Trevor,

If you are using the standard networking commands supported by libUrl, 
then libUrl provides the proxy detection even if tsNet is in use.

I know that you have submitted a bug report about an issue with that and 
it is something I am planning on taking a look at soon.

Currently, if you use the tsNet commands directly, they do not use the 
settings provided by libUrl.  To use a proxy, you need to set it with 
the tsNetSetProxy command or set the "http_proxy", "ftp_proxy" or 
"all_proxy" environment variables.



On 18/08/2016 12:34 pm, Trevor DeVore wrote:
> To anyone who knows,
> Does the tenet library properly detect and use proxy servers for https
> urls? The original version of libURL lumps the http proxy and the https
> proxy together in one setting (the httpproxy) which doesn't always work on
> some installations.

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