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Mike Kerner wrote:

 > Richard,
 > The primers that were the most helpful to me are ones that are hidden
 > behind paywalls (but understanding Merkle trees might also help).

Good tip - thanks.

 > The easiest scenario to describe is a warehouse.  Mobiles are in the
 > hands of all personnel, because LC is sweet and who wouldn't want a
 > customer walking out jealous that they don't have something similar?
 > Because of electrical noise, dead spots, etc., wireless connectivity
 > is not 100%.  The owner does not want to replace an aging desktop
 > that is also acting as a server for this setup, and wants the IT
 > department writing more sweet mobile apps, not maintaining
 > infrastructure.  Solve.

No solution system can be designed because the most important 
information is missing from the problem definition:  What is the task we 
want to support the users doing on their phone?

And if blockchains are unrelated to connectivity, why is connectivity 
the central issue of this problem statement?

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