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Mike Kerner wrote:

 > Richard, think Delta Airlines outage.

If you hire IT staff that doesn't set up failover or practice disaster 
recovery, I'm not sure that's a technology problem. :)

 > Blockchains don't just give you distributed storage, they give you
 > distributed trust.  Being cheap, I turned dropbox, and google
 > spreadsheets, and Box, and a couple of other services into online
 > data repositories, i.e. crude DBMS's, because I can do it on the
 > cheap.  But what if one or all of those go down?  What if my pipe
 > goes down?

I'm at the edge of completely ignorant about blockchains so forgive me 
if this question is naive, but if blockchains are a distributed system 
how can they counter loss of connectivity?

 > If I have my mobiles on the same network, and a blockchain, maybe I
 > don't even need a central server.  If I have a blockchain, maybe a
 > cell phone that is on my network can be communicating with the outside
 > world when the wifi or wired-only devices can't.

Don't most carriers allow Internet data over cell networks these days? 
The connectivity method would seem independent of the distributed 
storage system, no?

The security aspect is indeed interesting.  Looking at how banks are 
increasingly exploring blockchains for document storage is inspiring for 
many practical applications beyond Bitcoin.

What libraries are you wrapping?

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