[ANN] lcb-mode v0.1.1: Emacs major mode for LCB source code

Peter TB Brett peter.brett at livecode.com
Tue Aug 16 02:54:45 EDT 2016

Hi all,

       == Emacs lcb-mode 0.1.1 ==

lcb-mode is a major mode for Emacs that adds syntax highlighting and 
indentation for editing LiveCode Builder (.lcb) source files.

== Installation

1. Add the MELPA community package repository: https://melpa.org/
2. Do "M-x package-install lcb-mode"

Please visit https://github.com/peter-b/lcb-mode for more details.

== Notable changes in 0.1.1

* Full indentation support for LCB code, including:
   * good handling of continued lines
   * indentation for all core language block syntax
* Syntax highlighting support:
   * all core language block syntax
   * some core language statements
   * string-based highlighting for user constants and variables
* Installable from MELPA package repository

== Reporting problems

Please report issues to https://github.com/peter-b/lcb-mode/issues

Dr Peter Brett <peter.brett at livecode.com>
LiveCode Technical Project Manager

lcb-mode for Emacs: https://github.com/peter-b/lcb-mode

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