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Dan Friedman dan at
Mon Aug 15 15:29:52 EDT 2016


Mainly, I can't ask thousands of people to reinstall my application at this time.   Also, I can't take the risk of rolling out a *new* version of LC.  I've done that in the past and it has cost me clients.   With all new versions of LC, there are known bugs, and unknown bugs.  You and I and everyone reading this can expect this in a new version.  But my clients don't.  Later versions are simply more stable.  Period.

Other than this issue, LC 7.0.1 is working well.   Can you offer any support for this issue with 7.0.1?  Or, do I just set libURLSetSSLVerification to false and hope for the best?

Thank you for your time,

> Lastly, it works fine in LC 8 (but for a verity of reasons, I can't use LC 8)
> What is it that is causing you problems in LiveCode 8?
> Other than that, why not use a newer version of LiveCode 7? 7.0.1 is 
> nearly 2 years old and there have been a huge number of bug fixes since. 
> The last 7.0 is 7.0.6 (released in July 2015) and there is also the 7.1 
> series, of which 7.1.4 was released in May this year.
> To download these releases, please see 
> Fraser

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