m4 audio and conversion

Frans Schoffelen frans at mac.com
Sun Aug 14 03:26:32 EDT 2016

Hi Jaqueline,

Since we run a small studio as well we routinely do a lot of audio conversions. For batch processing we use the Mac app Sound converter pro  that uses multiple cores and can generate almost anything. I don't know the necessities or quality of your audio files but if they are already m4 there must be some master AIFF or WAV files originally. If you paid someone for the files then you own those as well. Conversion to a compressed Windows format may indeed lose a bit compared to m4 but is it really that critical? 
Sound converter Pro is 29$ I believe and it can batch fast and whole long lists of files and folders with multiple settings.
Hope this helps .

Frans Schoffelen
KNLG knowlegistics

> On 14.08.2016, at 00:50, use-livecode-request at lists.runrev.com wrote:
> Yes, you're right. We're pretty much screwed then. All the universities 
> have demanded that QT be removed from all site computers and our app 
> depends on .m4a audio. There are too many audio files to convert to 
> another format, and the audio guy refuses to do it anyway due to the 
> quality degredation.

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