Can use assign multiple behaviors to a single object?

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Fri Aug 12 09:10:26 EDT 2016

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami wrote:

 > On 8/11/16, 12:26 PM, Richard Gaskin" wrote:
 >>  Here's a view with nested behaviors:
 >> <>
 >> I had tried indenting each level, but found it didn't provide that
 >> much more clarity and preferred to keep linked behaviors at the same
 >> level.
 > So, since we know the behaviors cannot run parallel, your view means
 > behavior 3 is parent of 2? And behavior 2 is a patent of 1?

Yes.  Scripts are shown in message flow order from top to bottom.

Tip: Since MPath is designed to provide rapid access to scripts in the 
current message path, the window supports many hot keys to quickly 
navigate between sections to get to the script you're looking for.  The 
"?" button brings up this cheat sheet:

devolution is simple enough that sometimes useful features get 
overlooked.  The simplicity is by design: the goal is to make the IDE 
less dominant in the work space, yielding precious screen real estate to 
the app you're developing. The things you need most frequently are 
easily available *when you need them*, otherwise out of the way.

Since Fourth World's first product, SuperCard Author in 1994, I've been 
making variants of this sort of utility for rapid access to tools in 
every xTalk I've used.  devolution 4.0 represents what I've learned from 
modding xTalk IDEs over the years.

With devolution, it's less like you're building your app within the IDE 
than running the IDE within your app.  Your work takes center stage.

If you've missed some of the goodies in devolution, no worries:  v4 is 
the first version with complete documentation (patient friends who've 
been using older versions for more than a decade will welcome this <g>). 
  Help opens by default when devo is opened (and of course you can turn 
that off), and I've written the docs so that you really only need to 
read one brief page to get the hang of using it, the rest just detailed 
reference that can be read later:

And in some particularly juicy places, like MPath, you'll find a summary 
of useful tips right in that pane, so you don't even need to open the 
separate Help window.

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