SVG Editors, anyone?

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Tue Aug 9 15:14:54 EDT 2016

@ Alejandro:

The use cases I have in mind are small but design rich "tiles" logos/buttons/icons, so I don't think a browser works. Of course larger more complex would also be great… 

Here is an icon design I got from our lead designer last year, I was excitedly rejoicing at team meetings about how we could use these in our apps…  thinking we could use it in Livecode, only to find later that the SVG widget will not support even something as simple as this 9K SVG

I had to bit the bullet and export this in multiple sized  PNG's

@Graham: feel free to take that file if you are need any examples.  It has useful elements that ideally would be supported:

A) styles (in this case , 8 different fill colors) that are later applied to paths and circles as classes
B) ~ 14 independent paths
C) 14 circles

Yes.. .mothership has gone silent on SVG dev. 
Hope it has not gone to the top shelf in the back room.

Alejandro Tejada" wrote:

    Could you use the browser widget to
    render a svg as png

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