use-livecode Digest, Vol 155, Issue 15

Peter Reid preid at
Tue Aug 9 06:05:43 EDT 2016

Thanks Mike and Richmond, I'll take a look at autoit as I don't want to get into VB unless I REALLY have to!

I was hoping that a short VBA script might do the job so I can use LC for the file/folder management, but autoit may be the solution anyway.

Peter Reid
Loughborough, UK

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> If you can send keys to the powerpoint app, you might be able to open the
> file, and then send keys to open the menu, and then step through the
> keypresses you need to do what you want.
> Having said that, have you considered using autoit instead? (its geared for
> just this sort of thing)  Theres one or two macro builders that can do this
> sort of thing too, but the few times I used autoit it worked well.

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