OT: Switch it off and back on ...

Matt Maier blueback09 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 9 01:08:22 EDT 2016

Because we're capable of building systems more complex than we can
understand. So there are always ghost states it can get into that we didn't
prepare for.

I was reading about "crash only" programming a while ago. It like using the
"turn it off and back on again"approach as a part of normal business. Since
all of your systems need to be able to recover from a crash anyway, why
bother programming a graceful shutdown? Just set them up so that they can
pick up where they left off and crash them if anything isn't running

On Mon, Aug 8, 2016 at 9:26 PM, Alex Tweedly <alex at tweedly.net> wrote:

> My wife is always annoyed / amused that my stock response to any
> non-trivial computer / broadband / phone problem is the magic "power-cycle"
> method. As she says "4 years getting a BSc in Computer Science, 25 years in
> the electronics design and software business - and that's the best you can
> do". I suspect the most annoying part for her is that it nearly always
> works :-)
> Anyway, today that technique just worked again - when even I didn't expect
> it to. Her new iPhone (two weeks old) was in trouble - it wouldn't charge.
> We tried multiple different connector cables, and power sources just to be
> sure - but it just wouldn't register the power supply, and power was down
> to around 10%. So I made sure we had a current iCloud backup, installed
> Telegram on her iPad while she still had some charge left (to get the SMS
> to confirm the main phone number) so she could still get/send messages (and
> let the main contacts know via What's App). And then (with NO expectations
> of success) switched it off and back on - and the darn thing is now happily
> charging.
> Why can't we build tech items that don't suffer such problems and get
> fixed by this solution ....
> -- Alex.
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