SVG Editors, anyone?

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Mon Aug 8 20:05:16 EDT 2016

Hi Graham,

Could you use the browser widget to
render a svg as png?

Take a look at this javascript code
that shows 3 different methods
to create a transparent png
from svg files:

This works really fine:


On Mon, 08 Aug 2016,
Graham Samuel wrote:

> Yes, I?m assuming that the SVG capabilities of widgets
> will develop until pretty much any SVG graphic can be rendered:
> this could of course be wrong.

> But I would be very sad if we have to stick to monochrome
> for any serious work. After all, complex controls, which is
> what widgets are, are certain to demand colour sooner
> rather than later, and since scalability is the most attractive
> thing about widgets that I?ve seen so far, I very much hope
> this can be achieved via SVG.

> OTOH at the conference I don?t think I heard anyone
> from the mother ship talking about plans to enrich
> SVG rendering.

> If anyone knows anything more definite, please tell us!

> Graham

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