Secure sockets problem... any update?

Stephen MacLean smaclean at
Mon Aug 8 13:17:52 EDT 2016

Hi Richard,

Thanks for adding yourself to the CC list on this bug:)

I think you may be reading the post from Panos with the wrong date though, understandable given all of us being on EU date format the last week with the conference.

Panos confirmed it on Feb 2 (2016-02-08) and changed it to "Expert Review” then. My “Any update” post on the bug report was on Aug 6 (2016-08-06).

Thanks again for the reply.


Steve MacLean

> On Aug 8, 2016, at 12:18 PM, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at> wrote:
> Stephen MacLean wrote:
> > With all that went on in the LC conference, I was wondering if there
> > was any update to the secure sockets problem I reported here:
> >
> > and
> When status changes occur in a report the submitter and any subscribers to the report should receive notification via email.
> Panos confirmed the report just prior to the conference, and today is their first full day back since the conference.  Given that the issue is flagged for "Expert Review" and the experts had been immersed in the conference, it would seem the report is as current as it can be at the moment, but hopefully will be investigated very soon.
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