PowerPoint VBA from LC?

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Sun Aug 7 09:35:27 EDT 2016

Why don't you just do the thing in Visual Basic?


On 08/07/2016 12:35 PM, Peter Reid wrote:
> I have 100+ old PowerPoint PPT files that can't be opened by modern PowerPoint (2007 and later).  However I have managed to get a copy of PowerPoint 2003 that can open these old PPTs and save them as new PPTs that can be opened by newer PowerPoint.  My problem is the 100+ files that need converting!
> So, I thought I'd write an LC stack that will take a folder of PPTs and feed them into PowerPoint 2003, one at a time, to save them into a new folder in the newer PPT format.  I can do the file/folder stuff OK in LC and I intend to use the "Do script as VBscript" or shell(script) to activate PowerPoint and get it to open & save a file at a time.
> My problem is the VBA script needed to open PowerPoint, open a file & then save the file.  I've found some code on the LC forums:
> put "set objExcel = GetObject(," & quote & "Excel.Application" & quote & ")" & return into TheScript
> put "objExcel.Application.Run " & quote & "D_Scostamenti.xls!ImportAMC" & quote & ", " & quote & tPath & quote after TheScript
>     Do TheScript as "VBScript"
> but I can't see how to save the file and leave PowerPoint active ready for the next file in the sequence. Can anyone help me with this please?
> Thanks.
> Peter
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> Peter Reid
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