Set DoubleClickInterval very low!

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Aug 4 14:41:11 EDT 2016

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami wrote:

> It's very simple:
> on mouseup
>    # do something right now and don't wait more than 100 milliseconds
>    # because we don't use double clicks anywhere in this app
> end mouseup
> There is no "dual model" to even think about.

If you have no interest in double-clicks it's even simpler:

(nothing, since no special handling is needed for events not handled)

> Jacqueline: can you supply a small "long press" trap snippet for us here? tks

FWIW here's the one I've been using in my lib:

on touchStart pTouchID
    put the millisecs into             sTouchEventsA[pTouchID]["start"]
    put the long id of the target into sTouchEventsA[pTouchID]["target"]
    send "_TestLongPress" && pTouchID to me in kLongPressDuration millisecs
    pass touchStart
end touchStart

on touchEnd pTouchID
    delete variable sTouchEventsA[pTouchID]
    pass touchEnd
end touchEnd

on _TestLongPress pTouchID
    put sTouchEventsA[pTouchID]["start"] into tStart
    if tStart is empty then exit _TestLongPress
    put sTouchEventsA[pTouchID]["target"] into tObj
    if there is a tObj then
       dispatch "longPress" to tObj
    end if
end _TestLongPress

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