Ideas for LiveCode workshops - help needed

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It sounds like the workshops are intermediate-level and above, for those with considerable experience with LC already.  True?

Craig Newman

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This is a request for ideas for LiveCode workshopsThat is, where one of us is organising a day-long workshop on LiveCode and are looking for a main topic for the day.I’m not looking for fully-worked up teaching resources (although that would be nice), but general ideas or topics for the workshop - so that we can say to people, and publicise “come to this LiveCode workshop where we will build …” or “at this LiveCode workshop you will learn how to …”. In the past I’ve done LiveCode workshops where the main idea has been:- build a mobile messaging app (that connects to a web service and mysql database)- build desktop widgets (little things like an app that watches a folder, using the clipboard etc)- learn how to search documents and save notes with LiveCodeI think my ideal would be to get an idea which is:-  a ‘draw’ (afterall I want lots of people to turn up!), something like “learn now to connect to the Pokemon Go! API”- doesn’t involve me doing too too much preparation work for the workshop- can give a positive experience to participants with differing levels of ability (perhaps by my preparing some partly completed exercises for those who need them) So, ideas and suggestions please!Kind regardsDavePS: my next workshop is on 17th September and I haven’t decided what to go in it <>PPS: ask potential participants what the workshop topic should be usually doesn’t help much!_______________________________________________use-livecode mailing listuse-livecode at lists.runrev.comPlease visit this url to subscribe, unsubscribe and manage your subscription preferences:

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